Augentius is in the process of becoming part of the SGG Group (subject to regulatory approval). Once the transaction has completed Augentius will become part of the world’s 4th leading investor services firm in the world with over $400 billion of assets under administration, backed by a team of over 2350 professionals servicing assets across 24 jurisdictions. Full details can be found here.

You have a Problem …

AIFMD implementation means you have more regulatory reporting to do. It’s another job, it’s all new and no-one has done it before …

  • The AIFMD is now in place across Europe and the Annex IV Reporting Requirements are now implemented.
  • All AIFMs (fund managers) now have to report data and information to their regulators with reporting scope determined on an AIFM basis, not just on a fund basis.
  • Non-European managers marketing funds in Europe are required to report separately in each country they are marketing in and different countries have different AIFMD reporting requirements.
  • Reporting formats, methodologies and technology standards are not standardised – they will be but not yet.
  • AIFMD Annex IV Reporting for Private Equity and Real Estate Funds needs to be completed and delivered to the different regulators from 31st January 2015.
  • Reporting formats and requirements continue to change – the workload to comply with AIFMD Reporting requires a thorough knowledge of the requirements.
  • Managers and their CFO’s are all busy – this additional task is being loaded onto an already busy organisation.
  • The level and type of information is different to other regulatory reporting  – and will require additional time and effort to collate with short timelines for completion.
  • Getting it wrong or delivering late is not an option – this is regulatory reporting.